We are the Fitan

The Fitan live peacefully on Printanier Island which is located in the center of Krieshen Forest.  When at peace these mighty beings transform into Elfite.  Elfite are no bigger then an infant and nest atop the trees.  Fitan and Elfite are one, they are prodigious beings that do not engage in worldly conflicts.  Nevertheless when threatened, these benevolent beings become fearless warriors.  Fitan can not die from disease or old age, however they can succumb to this life.  Unfortunately a Fitan can be killed. Knowing of such things the Fitan must fight to survive in the world; still they will only do so to ensure the sanctity of those who are deserving…

3 thoughts on “We are the Fitan

  1. I love that week by week I’m learning more about the characters in your story and the amazing world they come from. Your writing is so descriptive and really let’s you imagine the story. Another great post!

  2. The fitan are rele cool! i like the idea that they are peaceful small creatures when they are happy but as soon as they get mad they transform into massive and fearless warriors

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