The Spectra…

In order to maintain interest in Guardian of the Stone, let me begin by introducing you to the cast of characters. I will spend the next few weeks giving you a glimpse into my world…

The Spectra are lost Kings who sought power unto themselves, and it is these very beings that inhabit Krieshen Forest. The forest has always been veiled in darkness  and now the spirits of cursed men dominate the woodlands. The Spectra are no longer kings, but ghostly beings.  They were once great men whose forefathers liberated the human race,  but over time the power proved to be too great and they disgraced their names and caused great suffering.  They were no different from those they fought to be free of, and for their transgressions their spirits were bound to Krieshen Forest.

5 thoughts on “The Spectra…

  1. You make the forest seem like such an interesting place. Sounds spooky but you would want to visit it if it were real, to see for yourself. Can’t wait to read your next post.

  2. I love that you are introducing the characters to give some background information. This helps me to connect to the story even more. I already picture them and can see how this will further help to develop this amazing story. Another great post!

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