Chapter One…

Mother promised that she would always be with me and placed her hand upon my heart. Then speaking her last words, she said, “Robert, you must run!  Run, into the mountains and beyond.  You must promise me that you will never stop running until the stone is safe from those who wish to use it for evil.  Now, run Robert!”  Cried mother, “and never look back!” “No,” I shouted. “Yes” she demanded; “you are a Great King and Guardian of the stone and this is your destiny! The time has come for you to take your place beside the Great Kings and become who you were born to be.” Then she paused before uttering; “Robert, always remember that I love you.”   With a heavy heart, she hugged and kissed me as she gazed into my eyes for the very last time.  “Robert,” mother insisted, “you are fast and strong, run into the mountains and beyond.  Do not stop running until you are as far away from Nicosta then you have ever been before.  Now go, before it is too late…”  Without question, I did as mother so asked, knowing that never again would I embrace my family.  For they are all gone; slaughtered by the hand of King Mord himself.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter One…

  1. This is great. I do feel sorry for Robert though. It seems he’s been through so much already at a young age. You tell the story so well, I can’t wait until the next chapter to see where this goes. Keep posting!

  2. Wow… My heart is breaking for Robert. I can honestly feel the pain his mother is going through. I picture this scene in my head and can sense Roberts unwillingness to go. Once again you have captivated me with your writing. Amazing !

  3. This chapter ends on a very sad note but clearly sets the tone for the story to develop. The dialogue is heartbreaking and leaves me wanting to know what will happen to Robert now that he has lost everything

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