Chapter One…

As I turn and look out toward the ocean, I see my home burned to the ground by the Morshmen. The Morshmen are the very same beings that live in the distance on top of the mountains in King Mords Castle. My parents warned me never to leave our village, never to wander or climb the forbidden Mountain. Now I sit and stare, at the smoldering light that has cast a glow upon the land, which was once my home.  I cry so hard that my head aches.  My family, my friends, my home; all burned to the ground by King Mords Army.  I reflect upon the last time I saw my family; the day started as any other.  My father and I were fishing when he saw King Mords soldiers riding down from the mountains.  With little time, father hastened me to drop the nets and swim ashore.  He told me to warn the others of the advancing armies; without question I did as father so asked.  I would often run through Nicosta as a test of my own stamina and agility.  As I reached the shore, I ran through the village as fast as I could; warning all of the eminent danger, but sadly my efforts would come too late.  Even before I reached my home mother knew that something was wrong; she had always feared that this day would come.

10 thoughts on “Chapter One…

  1. This part makes me sad … It would go great in the movie as a flash back scene tho! Love it! We need to figure out who is gonba play king mord now..

  2. I love how your posts are so detailed. You make your reader feel as if they are actually in the story. This particular posts makes me feel sorry for this character. Can’t wait to see what you post next week.

  3. I picture this scene as you would in a movie. Him running not knowing what’s happening and the finally coming to the realization of what will be. Amazing post! You are truly gifted !!!!

  4. Great post… well written,that it makes me feel so sad and wanting to reach to out to this character. Hanging in for lots more!!

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