Chapter One continued…

This cave which shelters me also frightens me.  I pray that somehow this is only a dream, but sadly this is not; it is real and this nightmare refuses to release me.  For I must discover for myself what it is that I am to accomplish.  Alone and in complete darkness, I search for a solution, an escape from the abyss. Then for the first time since I entered the cave, I hear a sound.  Wind swirls through the cavern and brushes against my face and then it stops.  I wait and listen, again I hear the wind and feel its cold bite, and so I begin to crawl toward the breeze. For the wind to enter the cave; means there is a way out of the darkness.  Then in the distance, I see a glimmer of light.  My heart quickens and I know I must move forward, for beyond this cave lies the answers.  Why was I burdened with this responsibility and why I alone was chosen to be a Guardian?

My name is Robert Scott and I am15 years old, no longer a boy, but not quite a man.  My family and I lived isolated from much of the world, except for the few surrounding homes within my village.  There were many secrets hidden from me by my parents, secrets that I have only begun to understand.  The only account I had about my family history has been told as fables, or so I thought.  The story explains; that long ago there were Three Great Kings and each possessed a stone; a stone so brilliant that the human eye could not stare directly into their light.  Alone the stones looked rather plain, however when the stones were placed together they contained a power unsurpassed by any other known to man.  These Noble Kings were burdened by the miraculous powers their stones possessed.  They were all too well aware that if the stones had ever fallen into the wrong hands; that the same magnificent power could be used for evil. Evil so unspeakable that it could not be controlled; and so knowing this, the three Kings parted never to see one another again, each taking a single stone with them and thus protecting the secret and guarding their stone.

13 thoughts on “Chapter One continued…

  1. I’m so glad u posted more! It’s funny the more and more i read I become aware of so many different types of authors craft on ur part and I’m so happy I can actually ask the author about it instead of wondering . Love it!

  2. I love the way you continue to use opposites in the story ie: how the cave shelters him but also frightens him, how the stones can be good or evil. It gives the reader something to think about. Keep the posts coming.

  3. “Why was I burdened with this responsibility” I think he asks a question that many people can relate to in life and ask themselves in situations. Can’t wait for the next post to read more.

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