Chapter One, continued…

          I find myself falling in and out of sleep and know not if my eyes are opened or closed.  I dream about my family and Nicosta; the fishing village where I grew up.  Father and I were fishermen and each day we cast our nets into the vast openness of the Baltar Sea.  I will never forget the day I fled my village, the air was warm and the sky a brilliant blue.  Mother often remarked at how my eyes match the sky and said that my spirit could calm the savage seas.  I struggle to escape my dreams but sadly I can not.  I see my younger sister Amelia at mother’s side as she prepares supper, and hear her call out to father and I to come to the table.  My stomach reminds me that it has been at least two days since I had last eaten.  I wake to find that I am hungry and it is hard too concentrate.  For the first time I realize that I can never return to my family or the home that I love and although my heart aches, I try to focus and stay awake.  I know that I must be strong and find a way out of this cave, surely the answers cannot be found here in the darkness.  So again I ask myself the question that continues to haunt me; do I really want to know what awaits outside this cave?

11 thoughts on “Chapter One, continued…

  1. I wish you could post longer excerpts! U only give away so little! Thank God I have an original copy to read ahead! Keep it up and be persistent! The only way to kick this book off is to get people to tell their friends and leave a comment!!! Every Sunday u post more so one comment is enough! If u like it, POST people!!!

  2. I feel sorry for this character. He seems so scared and confused, like a lost soul. If he wasn’t a character in a story one would want desperately to help him some how. I can’t wait to see what happens next and what this character will do.

  3. Cool intro I like the intro a lot found out a little about the character and then get hit with the reality of the main characters first struggle. I cannot wait for everyone to see the story unfold because it is an epic one indeed!!

  4. It’s amazing how I feel I already know this character. The way that you write has me already feeling for this character. Excellent writing. You have a gift! Cannot wait to read more!

  5. The descriptive writing keeps me wanting to know more… I look forward to more posts soon. I’m excited to know what happens. This is a story I can lose myself in.

  6. Your excerpts always leave me hungry for more..I know if i had the book i would not be able to put it down! can’t wait to get lost in your fantasy world!

  7. How sad. This kid is all alone. Secluded in a cave with only his memories to keep him company. I need to find out why!?! I’m very intrigued. This kid needs a hug, and a meal!

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