In Complete Darkness

    Chapter 1- In Complete Darkness
            Unaware of my surroundings, I am alone and in complete darkness, I strain to see even the slightest glimmer of light; but alas there is only emptiness. The cavern that shelters me from the outside world also envelops me in fear.  I yearn to hear even the faintest sound, a direction to focus upon, but still nothing; nothing but the beat of my heart pounding inside my chest.  I would scream; but I fear that someone might find me, so I continue to hide.  For now I am safe inside this cave, but I know in time the Morshmen will come.  All men are aware that King Mord’s soldiers the Morshmen, fear complete darkness, for in darkness the Spectra exist.  But in time they will enter the cave, if King Mord so commands them.  So for now, I hide;  knowing that I must eventually leave this place of solitude.
M.Kunz (“Guardian of the Stone” is on file with the U.S. Copyright Office, WahingtonD.C.)

10 thoughts on “In Complete Darkness

  1. Now we’re getting started! Excellent beginning! I love how u begin the story with Robert alone not really letting us kno what happened yet u kno it was something bad. I’m so glad I kno what happens next or else I would not b able to wait til next Sunday!

  2. Amazing !! I can actually see this character in my mind. It’s unbelievable how you bring life to your characters ! I cannot wait to read more !

  3. Wonderful story so far… I cant wait to read more and the character is gorgeous by the way.. makes it more interesting .. 🙂

  4. You explain the setting so detailed giving readers a feel for the character and the story line. I actually feel sorry for him having to hide and in such fear!

  5. This book has the potential to become the next chronicles of narnia! Michelle knows how to draw you into a story just by reading the beginning! Its amazing. I can’t wait to read more!!!!

  6. Highly engaging with great character depth and vivid scenes. Without realizing, the story takes you to another time and place. A true testament to the genre. Eagerly anticipating reading the full trilogy.

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