Legend of the Stones

 Legend of the Stones

 The power concealed…

 Long ago there were Three Great Kings and each possessed a single stone; a stone so brilliant that the human eye could not stare directly into their light.  Alone the stones looked rather plain, however when the stones were placed together they contained a power unsurpassed by any other known to man.  These Noble Kings were burdened by the miraculous powers their stones possessed.  They were all too well aware that if the stones had ever fallen into the wrong hands; that same magnificent power could be used for evil.  Evil so unspeakable that it could not be controlled; and so knowing this, the three Kings parted never to see one another again, each taking a single stone with them; thus protecting their secret and guarding their stone…

Michele Kunz

9 thoughts on “Legend of the Stones

  1. I would never be creative enough to come up with something like this! WHEN you get published, this legend should go on the back of the book to give people a preview

  2. It makes you wonder what you could do with so much power, the ability to control good and evil in the world. What would you change, would it benefit everyone, or would your power lead to acting selfishly? Great intro, it really makes you think about the situation.

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