Guardian of the Stone, the Beginning…

Every story starts at the beginning; so before I release the first chapter, it is only fair that you learn a little bit about history… 

Guardian of the Stone
             The Beginning…
        History begins with the written word, together with verbal accounts handed down from one generation to the next.  Over one hundred thousand years ago, long after the dinosaurs roamed the earth, but before time was recorded; our planet Earth did reveal a civilization much different from our own.
        In an age before modern man was known, a conception of beings emerged.  Some were men, some were beasts, and some possessed both qualities; all coexisting on our planet in a constant struggle to survive.  Did these creatures shape our world and could past transgressions consume future generations?  Who would triumph and what lessons would we learn?  Could time have removed all traces of this lost civilization; leaving our history to simply be forgotten and thus giving way to the world as we now know it?
       Thousands of years have slipped away securing the only account known to modern man.  However, hidden deep inside a cave atop a high mountain, a simple scroll does exist and this is the only record of our past, our civilization and our history….
       This story depicts ancient times, an age when Three Great Kings ruled the earth and three simple stones controlled our destinies.  Only one boy can save the world and restore the balance of good and evil.  This boy must become a man, a Guardian and King.  He is an innocent boy whose heart and mind had not yet been compromised; a boy who was always a King and Guardian of the stone.

12 thoughts on “Guardian of the Stone, the Beginning…

  1. Sounds like a must read! The intrigue of a civilization before recorded history must be a magical place in time. One could easily get lost in such a fantasy world. Can’t wait to read the excerpts!

  2. Love it!! Definetly my kind of book! So excited and looking foward to the next excerpt….passing this on to my family and friends knowing that they will love it also!

  3. The intro sounds amazing!! Nd I’m the main character 🙂 keep at it mom Harry potter and lord of the rings have nothing on guardian of the stone!!!!

  4. I love the explanation of history!!! It really sounds like the into to a movie which would be read by liam neeson or someone with an accent! Love it!!!

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