Guardian of the Stone

Guardian of the Stone is a comprehensive manuscript. There are two separate stories that conclude the saga; with three books that complete the collection. The second book, The Deliverer, is the sequel. Each story takes the reader on a mystical journey, captivating their imagination. This is the story of human frailty and the will to survival; it is the epic tale of good verses evil, with surprising twists and a staggering ending. Guardian of the Stone is a story of endurance and hope and leaves the reader wanting more. The Deliverer completes the narrative and gives the reader closure. The third book, On the Breath of Dawn, tells the story from the beginning…

“Guardian of the Stone,” is on file with the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress  in Washington D.C.

12 thoughts on “Guardian of the Stone

  1. I really hope this site is the one! It’s about time you get this book out there! I can’t wait for the world to read so I can have a discussion with another reader… Although I’m not gonna lie it’s pretty awesome to know the author personally 😉

  2. Michelle.. this is amazing… What talent !! …I can’t wait to tell everyone about this book and that my cousin wrote it. When will it be out in stores?

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